Ban The Bomb: Why Scrapping Trident Is A Step Towards A Brighter Future For All.


The Cold war days are long gone. The Imperialist powers are waning; the level of equality amongst nations is slowly, yet, surely rising. Now is the time, to build a peaceful world, built on international workers’ rights, peace, justice and fair trade. Now is the time to ban the bomb!


In October 1962, the end of the world seemed inevitable to most, but the problem began a year earlier. In 1961 it was discovered, by US intelligence agencies that nuclear missiles were in Cuba, just 90 miles from the United States. In response, John F. Kennedy launched the infamous, ‘Bay of Pigs’, this was by any measure a failure. After which, Kennedy launched ‘OPERATION MONGOSE’, a terrorist operation, that was carried out against the Cuban people, by the US government. The operation was vast; it had a $50 million a year budget, and employed 2,500 people, by all measures it was illegal –international and domestic law- the operation involved: Blowing up hotels; sinking fishing boats; Blowing up industrial installations; blowing up aeroplanes and eight known assassination attempts on Fidel Castro. A year later, the soviets attempted to place warheads on the island. This caused what is now known as the Cuban missile crisis. The crisis brought the world to its knees; Britain was engulfed in hysteria.

Nuclear Armageddon never happened, and let’s keep it that way, let’s prevent the possible destruction of the planet. Only 9 countries, out of 194 have nuclear weapons, if you think of countries most likely to be the victim of a nuclear attack, it is more likely, to be one of the 9 countries with, rather than one of the 185 without. Nuclear weapons make a particular country a target. Abolishing them, or petitioning for their removal from your country, seems like a wise move.

Trident, The UK’s nuclear weapons system’s replacement is set to cost around £130bn. What? Yes, that’s correct £130bn. Last time I checked, the UK government’s finances, weren’t so great that they could spend £130bn pounds on something, they never hope to use. With £130bn the government could create, 1 million new jobs, with an annual salary of £25,000. It’s not much of a choice, jobs or world destruction? NHS or nuclear annihilation? Homes or Human extinction? Education or obliteration? The choice is yours.
We can ban the bomb in Britain, we can stop the replacement of trident. We can show the world that nuclear weapons are nae more that it is time to build a world built: on peace, not war; on worker’s rights and fair trade, not exploitation and On international accountability (justice).

Scrapping Trident is a step towards a brighter future for the world. Join the CND, the Scottish CND, the ICAN, and if you live in Scotland vote ‘Yes’ on the 18th September 2014. I also strongly recommend , ‘The War Game’ …



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