Grangemouth: The Need for Socialism

With Grangemouth to stay open, the SNP can wipe their sweaty brow but as I look back in reflection what I see is rather miserable. Yes, over two-thousand jobs have been saved and Scotland retains eight-per cent of its manufacturing industry. However eight-hundred people have lost their job, Unions are not allowed to strike for three years and have accepted cuts to pay and pensions and worst of all it’s another defeat for the working class and is a disgrace that the future of the Scottish economy is put in the hands of one man but that is what capitalism is based on giving power and control to people who are insane (having lack of reason or good sense).

What the workers of Grangemouth petrochemical plant need is a mass movement with the intention to occupy and seize the plant or nationalize it. It is one thing to be in favour of nationalization but it’s another to get out there and mobilize a social movement against the exploitation of workers in this country.

We need socialism because Grangemouth is not an isolated incident. It is just another example of how the general public have had their rights pried from their hands. Our ancestors did not fight for our rights, workers right for nothing! So why after thirteen years of New Labour (a party largely backed financially by the unions) government does harsh, unfair, vile Anti-trade union legislation still exist? They exist because Socialism is all but gone in the misnamed Labour party.

With the three main political parties in this country advocating capitalism and the ‘free’ market what’s next for socialism and the working class movement? Do we stand by the Labour party? Do we find a new party? Or is it time for all out revolution?  What’s next for the working class is unionization of private sector workers (only four-teen per cent are unionized) and to establish a broad, open, democratic movement similar to the PAAA (which I proudly support) only bigger and broader!

 Not only do we need the protest we need the politics as well. We need everyone to go out engage in politics and to learn and discover. This is why 5 November will be good as it will open the eyes of the no only of the Tories it will open the eyes of the general population and allow them to see the way in which this country is run to the benefit of the rich and elite.

In conclusion organize! Unite! FIGHT!


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