The Bedroom Tax

Over the last couple of weeks there have been many important articles about the bedroom tax. In this article I am going to look at how the tax is affecting youths and young people.
First of all the tax is affecting families. Many families are looking for new homes (which aren’t there to BE found) as they simply cannot afford to pay for their homes under the draconian conditions of the vile tax, and are thus taking on extra pressure, in an already stressful financial climate. 
Those who haven’t had to downsize their homes are often cutting back on food and/or relying on food banks, often resulting in needy children going to bed hungry. Also as a result of this, many children are unable to concentrate on their studies and education, giving already disadvantaged children an even greater challenge. 
Further to this, the ConDem government is widening the gulf between rich and poor in the UK, effectively banishing egalitarianism to the history books. All of this is not helped, of course, by the birth of Prince George, who will live in a million pound palace and enjoy a life of luxury, all subsidised by the tax payer. Now conisder the statistic that according to Save The Children, 1.6 million children live in poverty nationwide 
To conclude, nobody is safe from “the Bedroom Tax” or indeed any of the ruthless ConDem cuts and frankly, enough is enough! It’s time to stand together against the vicious bedroom tax!
You can join me and other likeminded individuals at the no2bedroomtax demonstration being held in Glasgow in September. Click on either of the links below for more details.

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