The Privatization of The Royal Mail.

I assume you are all aware that The Royal Mail is due to be sold off into private hands. I feel that this is unnecessary as the Royal Mail is currently thriving under public control, and further to this, Royal Mail workers are strongly opposed to the move and are set to strike sometime in August. 
The Royal mail is a necessary service which we all rely on daily to deliver post to 29 million households in the UK, so why would we sell it into an as-yet-unspecified private ownership which could potentially jeopardise the efficiency, service and cost? Royal Mail in 2012 produced a profit of £300 million and has been in the public domain since 1635 (initially as a government department until 1969 when it became an independent nationalized industry), moreover in the 80s, under Thatcher, British Telecom and Girobank were separated from the postal service and then sold off. The reason the postal service, ie the Royal Mail, was kept in the public domain was that privatizing it was deemed too unpopular at the time. We now have a less politicised nation, many of whom do not understand the consequences of privatising an industry.  
To conclude, Tories and privatisation go hand in hand, and since the 1980s, they have always intended to sell off the Royal Mail to city ‘fat cats’ they are in cohoots with, in order to preserve their business interests, ie keeping their bankroll happy. Clearly these fat cats need their millions more than the British public deserves an efficient and effective postal service.  
The Royal Mail is just a small part of a huge privatisation spree by the Con-Dem government, brilliantly characterized in the cartoon above by the Guardian’s Martin Rowson. (seen Below)
My next article will be on the “bedroom tax”.

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